Where is home? I've wondered where home is, and I realized, it's not Mars or someplace like that, it's Indianapolis when I was nine years old. I had a brother and a sister, a cat and a dog, and a mother and a father and uncles and aunts. And there's no way I can get there again.”

Kurt Vonnegut 11th of October 2005

Friday, October 8, 2010

sorry for the delay in my words and images.

but the said news is i have no new images to share with you.
but i do have these two sentences that sum up the past two months.

I have the ability to smell the decaying leaves outside my window, as well as the now deconstructed cornfields of my childhood. But what I choose to do is neither of these, what I willingly and wholeheartedly do is stare out my window wishing for the scent of you.

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